MAP’s Mission
The Melanoma Awareness Project (“MAP”) of the Desert is an educational outreach program for local schools, businesses, and organizations that teaches about the importance of early detection of melanoma through self-screening and practicing safe sun habits.  We aim to educate at least 1,000 people per year. We are always looking for volunteers to help us spread our important message. We are trying to help end the skin cancer epidemic.




  • To educate middle school students, high school students and other community members about skin cancer and the early detection of melanoma.
  • To teach Coachella Valley residents about self-screening for melanoma.
  • To educate Coachella Valley residents on the harmful rays the sun emits and the importance of wearing sunscreen.
  • To educate Coachella Valley residents about safe sun behavior and the dangers of over exposure to the sun.
  • To offer an annual free melanoma screening clinic to the community.
  • To provide information about melanoma through cancer survivors.
  • To participate in local health fairs and other appropriate venues to promote melanoma awareness.
  • To continue working on publishing a research paper in a national journal which reveals how skin cancer education impacts middle and high school students.