Become a MAP Volunteer

You can make a difference in our community in the fight against skin cancer! You will receive thorough training to give our 40 minute Power Point presentation to middle and high school students throughout the Coachella Valley. Earn community service hours and help MAP spread the message about the early detection of skin cancer and promote practicing safe sun habits.

Benefits of becoming a MAP volunteer

  • Saving lives from skin cancer
  • Developing Strong Public Speaking Skills
  • Making friends from different high schools across the Coachella Valley
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Participating in a meaningful community service

Every MAP volunteer has gone on to college.  Here are some of the Universities MAP volunteers were accepted:

  • Emory, UCLA, UCSB, USC, UCSD, University of Pennsylvania, NYU, UC Berkley, University of Miami, Boston College, Vassar, University of Michigan, University of San Diego and Boston College